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A Seasoned Writer's Portfolio

Magazine Stories (each in PDF format)

For Business/Corporate

Rural Texas Sees the Light
Cover story about the exciting chapter in Texas history when electricity finally reached rural Texans.

Instant Success in Toronto
Feature story about a successful real estate agent in Canada, for Keller Williams Realty

For Higher Education

The Remarkable Tenure of UT Tyler’s 3rd President
This issue of UT Tyler Magazine features a collection of six stories I researched and wrote honoring the distinguished tenure of Dr. Rodney Mabry, who recently retired after serving for 18 years as the president of The University of Texas at Tyler. I planned, organized and managed this writing project. This file is a condensed version of the full magazine.

A Noteworthy Gift: Philanthropist honors parents with generous gift to new music center

Through the Generations: Genecov, Muntz and Darryl families nurture university

Lawyers and Judges
Pioneers on the Frontier of Law
Cover story for Texas Tech Law School's 50th anniversary.

Capitol Lawyers: Alumni share desire to make a difference
I wrote the story and contributed most of the photography.

Pursuing Truth and Justice: Chief Justice James Worthen leads the 12th District Court of Appeals

The Sciences
Anthropologist Explores Maya Past in Belize

Mastering the Science of Wine

Professor Discovers Power of Robotic Pet for Treating Dementia

Antidote for Lecture Fatigue: Active learning in the Fisch College of Pharmacy

NBC Executive a Long Way from Texas at ‘30 Rock’

Newspaper Publisher Keeps Business in the Black, and Forging Ahead

Other Marketing-Communications Pieces

Press Releases

Professor helps bring history of African American Recolonization to light

Business relationship blossoms with student internship

Outstanding Graduates Ready to Educate Next Generation

Professor Investigates Effect on Chemotherapy of Diet Rich in Citrus and Turmeric


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