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Portico's Rates

When time is money and you can’t leave a project's success to chance, hire a reliable professional. With Portico, you get the highest level of professional quality, backed by the founder’s two decades of professional writing experience.

The cost of a writing project depends mainly on the estimated time involved. It varies with factors such as: project type, amount of research required, sources to interview, complexity of subject matter, requested article length and the level of importance of the piece.

For example, shorter pieces cost more per word if they involve the same amount of research that a longer piece would.

To minimize your costs, meetings and research are usually done via telephone and email. However, on-site research and meetings are sometimes necessary to facilitate communication, and in those cases, travel time to and from the work location is billed at $50/hour.


Most articles are researched and written at $1.20-2/word or at $95-110/hour. Some projects may be done for a set fee if their parameters can be very clearly defined.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing is usually billed on an hourly basis at $95/hour. The time required to edit depends on the original state of the content. It's hard to estimate how much time an editing project will take until one starts editing.

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These rates are just examples; every situation is different, and many projects done by Portico are custom ones that require custom quotes. There also is room for negotiation to accommodate the more limited budgets of charitable organizations. If you would like an estimate on a specific writing or editing project, request a quote by sending a description of your project needs.

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