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The Right Words

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Powerful copy brings your message to life. It helps generate interest, promote your brand and grow your business. That's why hiring a skilled marketing consultant, writer and editor is one of the best investments you can make.

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Portico Communications provides marketing consultation and editorial services to businesses and universities nationwide.

Get help from a professional communicator who can:

  • Edit publications and important communiques
  • Tell your story and that of your business
  • Research and write compelling articles, case studies and strategic online content
  • Explain complex subjects to a general audience
  • And compose other copy tailored to your unique situation and audience.

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(512) 257-8682

Hire a professional

Experience in marketing and journalism taught Portico founderStaci Semradto dig for information, conduct fruitful interviews, produce dynamic and accurate copy and meet deadlines—skills valued by her clients today. She has a knack for telling stories, an appreciation for brevity, and an eye for both fine details and the big picture.

Staci can help you with:

1. Time-consuming projects
2. Surges in your workload
3. And the daily grind of producing copy when you are down a staff member.

(512) 257-8682

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